Bellavista Country Estate Garden Wedding

Kristi and Steven first met online on a dating app but only spoke for a day or two, and didn't connect again for a month later. Once they started talking, they knew they had to take a chance and go on a date to see if they clicked. They met for the first time at "That Meetball Place" in Patchogue NY and spent the night chatting for hours.  The waiter came over several times to take their order, but they were so busy getting to know each other, they kept having to send him away. At the end of the evening, the waitstaff had to politely kick them out because the restaurant was closing and we were still sitting there talking. Steven walked Krisi to her car, they shared a kiss and were inseparable from that moment on!

Watching how Steven looked at Kristi during their wedding day was so sweet. It's what love and dreams are made of. Both of them can speak to each other with only glances, not even saying a spoken word. On the beautiful grounds of the Bellavista Country Estate, Kristi and Steven stood before family and friends and exchanged vows and rings, and just enjoyed the day celebrating their love for each other.